Ph.D. Program in Economics and Finance (PEF)

University of St. Gallen

APPLICATION DEADLINE for fall term 2018: April 30

Starts September 2018

Ph.D. Program in Economics and Finance (PEF), University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

The School of Economics and Political Science is a leading economics department in Europe well known for its research and teaching. The PhD Program in Economics and Finance (PEF) at the University of St. Gallen trains students to achieve academic excellence in the areas of Economics, Econometrics and Finance. Graduates are regularly selected for very reputable academic and non-academic positions.

The program is designed to ensure that students get advanced knowledge of main areas of economics and finance. The curriculum starts with intensive courses, followed by two years of advanced studies and own original research. State of the art courses cover a broad range of topics including theoretical and empirical research methodology. Students benefit from an international environment with English being the exclusive program language. A number of distinguished visiting professors from European and US universities teach in our program.

During the dissertation phase, students attend PhD and Literature seminars, which offer a forum for active scientific exchange between students and faculty. A research oriented and internationally established faculty offers advice and supervision to PhD students writing a doctoral thesis consisting of three publishable essays. After successfully defending the thesis, students are awarded the degree of a Doctor of Philosophy - with specialization in Economics, Econometrics or Finance.

PEF offers scholarships and very generous research assistant jobs. We offer a new Fast-Track Ph.D. opportunity starting directly after the Bachelor’s studies and leading straight into PEF.


Duration of the program: 4-5 years
Class size: 8-10 students
Funding options available: Yes
Start date: Sept 2018
Tuition Fee: 626.00 CHF

International Student Tuition Fee: 1076.00 CHF

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60 Months

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