Masters Programs at the University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is currenlty offering several Masters programmes taught in English, in the following disciplines:
Master in Accounting and Audit

> Teaching language: English

The academic Master programme in Accounting and Audit has been developed in partnership with leading academics and practitioners. The programme offers scientifically based in-depth knowledge of all specialist areas that are relevant to the field of accounting and auditing, without neglecting the practical relevance of the teaching content or the preparation of candidates for the job market. Students completing the degree course acquire the expertise to solve practical problems on a scientifically sound basis.

To become a statutory auditor in the European Union and a réviseur d’entreprises in Luxembourg candidates attain university entrance and achieve theoretical knowledge of subjects relevant to statutory audit and the ability to apply such knowledge in practice. Candidates aiming to obtain the professional qualification of réviseur d’entreprises will comprehensively have completed the theoretical stage of their training on a high academic level when they graduate.

Master in Wealth Management

The Master in Wealth Management (MWM) is designed to educate and train future wealth managers.
The programme combines traditional finance subjects with person-, legal- and tax-centric subjects such as client relationship management, estate planning, ethics and international taxation.

The curriculum is made up of 27 courses ion four course modules, a module in Singapore and an internship.  Depending on starting starting date and duration of the internship, the course can be completed in either two or three semesters (one year or 18 months).

The MWM was developed by the Luxembourg School of Finance (LSF) in cooperation with the Private Banking Group Luxembourg (PBGL) to meet the continuous need for talented and well-trained specialists in the continuously growing field of Wealth Management.

The teaching staff includes leading academics from the University of Luxembourg and other universities, as well as industry specialists with extensive experience and networks in their subject areas.

The programme is offered in a full-time and in a part-time format. Students registered in the part-time format attend the same classes as the full-time students, but over two years.  They take some courses in the first year, the remainder in the second year. 

Master of Science in Banking and Finance

> Teaching language: English

The Master of Science in Banking and Finance is the flagship programme of the Luxembourg School of Finance. It offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing both classic and more recent areas of the finance discipline as well as the principal functions of banking.

The cross-functional curriculum provides a dynamic framework of analytical skills and intellectual tools, providing an integrated approach to solving complex banking and financial problems.  In addition to a broad range of core courses, students may select one of three streams representing mainstream areas in which they can obtain a deeper knowledge.

Students study with the School’s permanent faculty.  The diverse faculty, which maintain close ties to the Luxembourg banking and financial community, engage in leading research and advance banking and financial knowledge and practices on many fronts including market valuation of financial instruments, risk management and behavioural finance. In addition, some invited professors from renowned finance faculties of other universities teach selected courses.

The programme is ideally suited to students seeking a career in corporate finance, asset and wealth management, banking and related fields.  While the majority of incoming students have a prior academic background in economics or business studies, many come from fields such as applied sciences or law.

Programme Formats

The programme is offered in both full-time and part-time formats with a start in the autumn. Enroll online

  • The full-time format begins in September and finishes in June of every year, followed by an obligatory internship.  Classes are generally in full-day block format and are held on one or more weekdays (Monday to Friday) during every week of the academic semester.  Note that  the days vary each week in terms of the day(s) of the week and number of days.
  • The part-time format involves following classes with the students of the full-time format, but for only half the courses each year.  Classes are generally in full-day block format and are held on one or more weekdays (Monday to Friday) of every week of the academic semester.  Note that  the days vary each week in terms of the day(s) of the week and number of days.  Part-time students do not generally complete an internship, but earn equivalent credits through additional courses or a Master’s Thesis.

Part-time students who are employed are encouraged to consult with their companies concerning their obligation to attend class at irregular days of the week during each academic semester.  These are published in a semester calendar at the beginning of each semester.


The MSc in Banking and Finance is a post-graduate degree offered by the Luxembourg School of Finance of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance.

Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Are you interested in gaining skills in the current hot topics of digital supply chain, modelling techniques & forecasting, project management, business metrics?


The Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management of the University of Luxembourg in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT CTL) is for you!


Why study logistics and supply chain management at the LCL?


  • Variety of opportunities for research collaborations as well as career opportunities for graduates offered by Luxembourg - major European and international financial centre and home to many headquarters and logistics firms;
  • Focus on logistics, supply chain and finance from a Luxembourg perspective;
  • Concentrate on analytical problem solving and supply chain management leadership skills;
  • Experience the successful MIT Supply Chain Management curriculum;
  • Benefit from the MIT Global Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence (SCALE) network;
  • Join the cross-disciplinary environment at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance;
  • Multicultural environment and class body fostering team work approach;
  • Individual supervision encouraging active participation by students.


Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

> Teaching language: English

Entrepreneurship has become an increasingly popular activity that can be evidenced in different spheres of the economy and society. More commonly, entrepreneurial behaviours are associated with new start up ventures where risk, ownership and management are combined to exploit new market or technological opportunities. But such activities can also be seen in corporate, social, public, civic, community and small business contexts to reflect organizational efforts to sustain competitive advantage, uniqueness and novelty. This is partly because the twenty-first century is characterized by a fast moving, competitive and global economy. Sustaining a competitive advantage requires that individuals, companies and nations are able to anticipate and stimulate (rather than merely manage) change.

Entrepreneurship is about exploiting ambiguities and contingencies. More importantly, entrepreneurship is about experiencing a tension between ‘what is’ in the present and ‘what should be’ in the future – and then converting that tension into an entrepreneurial problem that can resolve the tension. Such a process demands concepts and knowledge from different disciplines, and the integration of these concepts with the know-how and practical experience of daily business practice.

The programme aims at achieving that integration, optimally balancing theory and know-how.

Application Deadlines & Procedures

The University of Luxembourg’s website will be updated by the end of January 2019 with all relevant deadlines and procedures for the purpose of application.

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12 Months


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