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LMEC provides rigorous training in economics and econometrics, combining research methods with practical research experience. Students will learn to analyze and solve complex problems for governments, research centers, international agencies, central banks, financial institutions and all private and public firms whose activity requires experienced quantitative profiles. Starting from 2019/2020 the quantitative skills of students are enhanced by a new track in Econometrics. LMEC graduates will be prepared for a successful career as economists or econometricians and for admission to the best PhD programs worldwide. Scholarships are available for international students.

Starting from the academic year 2019/2020, LMEC offers a new track in Econometrics in addition to the traditional track in Economics. During the first year, common to both tracks, students will learn the core elements of micro and macroeconomic theory, mathematical economics, econometrics and finance. Developing on these fundamental competences, during the second year students will choose between the two tracks, selecting activities from a list of advanced courses in economics and econometrics.

The Track in Economics provides a deep understanding of the foundations of advanced micro and macroeconomic theories and their application to a wide range of fields of specialization. The objective is to gain expertise on specific areas of the economic research, such as behavioral economics, development economics, industrial economics, international economics, labor economics, monetary and financial economics, political economics, and public economics.

The Track in Econometrics focuses on advanced econometric techniques and quantitative methods used in time series, macroeconomics, finance, microeconomics and for policy design and evaluation at both the micro and macro level. The objective is to give students a flexible, cutting-edge set of tools for the specification, estimation and testing of economic/econometric models, in order to solve the modelling issues arising in different contexts, including data-rich environments.


In both the Economics and Econometric tracks, the extensive use of quantitative tools will underpin theoretical and empirical approaches, providing the students with the skills to undertake independent research projects, to understand and analyze major current economic issues and policies, and to act as consultant in private and public institutions. Graduates will be able to address - consistently with the specific skills acquired in the chosen track- challenges such as: forecast of macroeconomic and financial variables, the quantitative analysis of financial markets and financial decision making, the empirics behind the strategic behavior of firms and consumers, the evaluation of programs in labor markets, education and development.


A large share of LMEC graduates goes on to doctoral studies. In the past few years, LMEC students have been admitted to prestigious Ph.D. programs in Economics at renowned universities, such as Berkeley, Boston University, Boston College, British Columbia, Duke, LSE, MIT, Northwestern University, Pompeu Fabra, Rice University, Stockholm School of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, Warwick, Zurich, and others.

Graduates who do not go on to PhD typically find employment, generally in the private sector as business and financial consultants and analysts or as data analysts. Other graduates have undertaken internships in institutions and international organizations, such as the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Italy, or were hired as junior research assistants in research institutions in Italy and abroad.

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Faculty has international experience and reputation. Students come from all over the world. Foreign students represent an important part of the LMEC and are encouraged to apply

Besides the Erasmus exchanges offered, LMEC undersigned agreements with the following Universities:

  • Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins University - School of Advanced Studies (SAIS). Students enrolled in the LMEC will have the opportunity to spend their second year at SAIS and be awarded both the Master in Economics from Unibo and the Master of Arts in International Affairs from SAIS.
  • University of California, Berkeley. The most qualified students have the chance to be admitted to the BESAP (Berkeley Economics Semester Abroad) Program and spend one semester in the U.S.A.


Adequate knowledge of economic theory and quantitative analysis at undergraduate level.

Admission is conditional on the assessment of the qualification by the Admission Board.


The required documents, the application procedure and deadlines are available on

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