Academic Chair of Islamic Finance - INCEIF


Assistant professor / lecturer

INCEIF Academic Chair of Islamic Finance

INCEIF invites applications and nominations for the position of INCEIF Academic Chair of Islamic Finance.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. Degree or its equivalent. We are seeking a scholar of recognised Islamic Finance stature with strong thought leadership and the ability to support and strengthen the INCEIF.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Be a Knowledge Leader in Islamic Finance;
  • Undertaking of public relations and promoting in line with INCEIF’s vision and mission;
  • Providing leadership in research and consultancy especially mentoring the younger academics at INCEIF. This requires him/her to contribute ideas, direction and give guidance towards INCEIF producing impactful research; 
  • Providing research and consultancy in the area of interest/concern to help the organization in making innovative advances;
  • Participating in academic and industrial events organised by INCEIF;
  • Delivering special lectures outside Malaysia from time to time both for INCEIF and sponsoring bodies (if any); and
  • Delivering special lectures to INCEIF students and staff as well as address external parties within Malaysia.

Qualifications and Requirements:

The INCEIF Academic Chair of Islamic Finance reports to the President & CEO/Deputy President Academic. The Chair shall not only serve as a mentor to academics and non-academics; also to help establish and promote INCEIF to the global world of Islamic Finance within a short period of time.

To apply for this position, please submit your CV/Resume with a covering letter to


Assistant professor / lecturer


Lorong Universiti A

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia