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PhD Position in Economics

The UQ School of Economics PhD Program attracts the brightest and best students from Australia and overseas, preparing them for successful careers in academia, government and business.

The PhD program of the School of Economics is an umbrella for a one-year master degree and a 3-4 year PhD degree. Incoming students are accepted into the Master of Advanced Economics (MAdvEcon) degree, in which the first year of coursework is taken.  Successful completion of the MAdvEcon with a GPA of 6 or higher on the 7-point UQ scale then allows students to enrol into the PhD degree. Within the PhD degree, students take the second year of coursework before embarking on the completion of their thesis over the subsequent 2-3 years.

First Year Coursework (Master of Advanced Economics)

The Master of Advanced Economics (#16) has eight compulsory courses. This program is for applicants whom have previously completed a relevant bachelor honours degree or equivalent, or a relevant postgraduate degree in economics or cognate discipline.

Students entering in the Master of Advanced Economics (#24) additionally have to take ECON7850 (#8) and write a research thesis. This program is for applicants whom have previously completed a relevant bachelor degree or equivalent. This thesis is to be submitted before the beginning of year 2 coursework. 

Second Year Coursework and PhD Thesis

The second year coursework is taken within the first year of the PhD degree and comprises the following:

Semester 1:

  • PhD Fields A (ECON8800)
  • PhD Fields B (ECON8810)
  • PhD Fields C (ECON8820)

Semester 2:

  • PhD Research Colloquium
  • Completion of a research paper

The dissertation research is supported by a three-stage milestone process involving the confirmation of candidature, mid-candidature, and thesis review milestones. Throughout the program, students benefit from the intellectually stimulating environment at UQ. Our research oriented and internationally recognised faculty provides advice, guidance and supervision in all fields of specialisation. The School actively supports the placement of Ph.D. graduates in positions at prestigious universities, government agencies and private corporations.

Pathways to the PhD Program

The following diagram summarises the pathways to the PhD program for undergraduates, UQ honours and graduate students.

Eligibility & Financial Support 

This program is designed for students with prior training in economics or a cognate discipline with a strong analytical/mathematical component, who wish to acquire the advanced skills needed to practice as a professional economist in the public or private sectors. Admission to the program is highly competitive and only outstanding candidates with exceptional research potential are selected. 

The School has a range of scholarships and top-up scholarships available to suitably qualified applicants. All applications will be considered for scholarship.

PhD Applications 

Applications for the UQ School of Economics PhD program must be lodged via the online application form for the Master of Advanced Economics.

Applicants with a relevant bachelor honours degree or equivalent; or a relevant postgraduate degree in economics or cognate discipline, please apply to the Master of Advanced Economics (MAdvEcon(#16)) degree by completing the online application.

Applicants with a relevant bachelor degree in Economics or cognate discipline or equivalent please apply to the Master of Advanced Economics (MAdvEcon(#24)) degree by completing the online application.

Please upload the following documents to support your application.

  • CV
  • A 200-word summary of your current research interests
  • GRE test score is recommended but not mandatory
  • Two academic referee reports

Closing date

Applications for this program close on 31 October 2017.

Entry to the program is for Semester 1 only (February 2018).

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