BSc in Games Programming

Goldsmiths, University of London
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Prepare for a career programming in the games industry, in sectors including mobile games, casual games, social media games, and AAA console game development.

Why study BSc Games Programming at Goldsmiths?

  • From day one you’ll be developing games - mobile, casual, social media and AAA console games. We’ll help you harness your creativity, build your technical programming skills, and get to grips with the software, and working practices, that are used by the games industry.
  • This is a very practical course. You’ll leave us a with an extensive portfolio of work that you can present to potential employers.
  • You'll have the option of taking an industrial placement year between the second and final year, allowing you to gain invaluable work experience that will enhance your career prospects.
  • The skills taught during the course are also applicable to other areas of computing such as mainstream programming jobs, mobile app development or web development, or could lead to Masters level study in games programming.

The games industry is competitive for graduates, and one that involves some of the most technically challenging programming problems.

This degree is a technical computing degree that will equip you with the rigorous programming skills you need to succeed, together with the experience of applying those skills specifically to games development. As well as a technical industry, it's also a creative industry that requires constant innovation and understanding of art and design skills.

Our approach at Goldsmiths emphasises the creative side of programming and how programming relates to the creative aspects of game development. Most importantly of all, from the very beginning, you will be developing games in an environment that mirrors industry working practices as closely as possible. This will give you the experience you need as well as helping you develop a portfolio of work to present to potential employers.

The programme has three main elements: programming, technologies and practice. You will build your technical programming skills, learn about graphics, audio and artificial intelligence and current hot platforms such as Mobile Games, HTML5-based web games and social media games. You will also have many opportunities for practical work, making games using professional games engines and with professional working practices, such as design documentation, testing cycles, issue tracking and version control. 

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