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Molecular genetics is the field of biology that studies the structure and function of genes at a molecular level. A Clinical Molecular Geneticist is responsible for detecting, analysing, and interpreting disease-linked genetic abnormalities within patients via molecular biological and biochemical screening.

There is an increasing worldwide need, but particularly in the MENA region, for professionally accredited Clinical Geneticists and Genetic Counsellors. Within the UAE national population, 190 inherited genetic disorders have been identified, with the most common being blood disorders called haemoglobinopathies: beta-thalassemia and sickle cell disease. In Abu Dhabi alone, 2.1% of the men and women tested pre-marriage were beta-thalassemia carriers, and 1.3% were carriers of sickle cell beta-haemoglobin.

This highly practical and practice-intensive program will introduce you to laboratory testing for these disorders, methods for establishing the genetic carrier status, interpretation of results of complex genetic analysis, calculation of illness probability based on genetic tests, and genomics. As an extension of this, this degree will also provide introductory training on genetic counselling - how to explain and guide patients to fully understand the results and implications of genetic testing. Due to its vocational nature, there is a strong emphasis on professional experience through extended clinical placements.

This program, developed in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin and diagnostic laboratories and hospitals in the UAE, is one-of-a-kind in the UAE. Indeed, as this is a newly expanding area for healthcare professionals, most professional courses in the field are at the master’s level, adding a further level of uniqueness to the program.

Program educational objectives and student outcomes

Specific objectives of the Molecular and Medical Genetics program are to keep up with these medical science developments for the good of public health and also to recognize and effectively deal with implementation of national or private genetic screening strategies, while disseminating public information and increasing awareness.

Tuition fees structure & calculation

Total Tuition Fees (Excl. Vat)231,840

Tuition is based upon the College and/or Department classification as opposed to the course classification or level. Tuition rates for undergraduate students vary from the tuition rates for graduate students. The tuition fee calculations are an example only and are based on the assumption that elective courses will be taken with the College that the student is taking their major with. However, if the student selects elective courses outside of this College, the total cost payable may increase or decrease to reflect the tuition rate of the College where the elective is delivered. Costs of books and supplies are not included in the Tuition and Fees. Students at Abu Dhabi University are also required to pay certain fees and other costs to attend the University. Abu Dhabi University reserves the right to change tuition and fee rates at any time. A tuition schedule is published prior to registration for each semester. For more information, please click here to view the University's tuition fee structure. Fees are subject to change during the year as per government charges and testing bodies.

Career opportunities

This vocationally-focused program is designed to meet the qualification requirements of specialists in laboratory medicine, including Geneticists, Molecular Geneticists, or Genomics specialists in hospitals, specialist clinics, and health ministries. The degree also prepares students for Genetic Counselling roles. 

Entry requirements

Requirements Passing math and sciences in grade 12 with a minimum average of 90% Successfully passing ADU’s remedial course in physics Achieving the minimum average of 90% on completing grade 12 Ministry of Education Schools - Advanced Track Achieving the minimum average of 80% on completing grade 12 Abu Dhabi Education Council Track Successfully passing 3rd level advanced math and advanced physics courses Achieving the minimum average of 80% on completing grade 12 Indian Senior Secondary Certificates (CBSE), or State Board Examinations, or Indian School Certificates awarded by ICSE Achieving the minimum average of 50% on completing grade 12 British System (IGCSE & GCE) Completing a total of 7 subjects from either IGCSE level or AS/A2 levels, in at least 4 of the following fields: Mathematics, Languages, Sciences, Social Studies and Humanities, Art and Design; with a minimum required grade of C for the IGCSE level subjects, D for the AS Levels, and E for A2 subjects. Successfully provide evidence / certificate of completing at least 11 years of schooling. Canadian & American High School Diplomas Achieving the minimum average of 80% on completing grade 12 or its equivalent of overall average B grade or 3.0/ 4.0 International Baccalaureate Diploma Successfully completing 6 subjects, with at least 2 at the higher level (HL) and a minimum total of 24 points. English language proficiency requirements

For programs taught in English, a minimum score range of 1100 - 1225 on the English language portion of the EmSAT examination, or its equivalent on other national or internationally-recognized tests that are approved by the CAA, such as TOEFL scores of 173 CBT (Computer-Based Test), 61 IBT (Internet-Based Test), 500 PBT (Paper-Based Test), or 5.0 IELTS (taken at Amideast), or their equivalent.

International Students

We also welcome applications from international students with a variety of secondary school certificates, and grades from other educational systems across the world, so long as they are recognized, and meet the conditions stipulated by the UAE’s Ministry of Education- Higher Education Affairs. For more information on the entry requirements for international students, please visit International Undergraduate Requirements

Transfer Students

Undergraduate students may apply for credit transfer for courses taken prior to joining Abu Dhabi University only once, when they first apply for admission. For more information on requirements for credit transfer, visit Undergraduate Transfer Students.

Applicants with grades and English Language Proficiency Test scores that don’t match the above requirements may be granted exceptions for conditional admission, dependent on their successful completion of required coursework or meeting specified criteria.

Course outline


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