Doctor of Occupational Therapy (O.T.D)

The field of occupational therapy has emerged as one of the top healthcare professions in the nation because of numerous evidence-based findings that overwhelmingly suggest occupational therapy to be an integral part of social and community integration and/or rehabilitation following injury or disease. In the last two decades, the emergence an area of study called occupational science and the development of the occupational therapy clinical doctorate (OTD) degree have supported a culture of scholarship around everyday living. Occupational therapists identify how and whether their clients engage in the daily activities they value. These daily activities are called occupations. Occupational therapists work with clients of all ages to make a difference in functional outcomes including quality of life, participation levels and occupational performance.

We envision the graduates of our program making significant positive contributions to the health and well-being of those served in the delta region and beyond. Our graduates will utilize leadership skills and evidence-based practice to influence positive change and to provide others with knowledge about the field of occupational therapy.

 Students who have successfully completed the OTD Program at Arkansas State University will have met the following learning objectives:  

  • The student will utilize acquired core knowledge in arts and science as well as professional knowledge in occupational therapy to meet the needs of the individual and population with diverse models of care today and into the future. 
  • The student will integrate core knowledge with evidenced-based practices to create and provide occupation-based interventions for individuals and populations experiencing health and wellness needs. 
  • The student will demonstrate leadership skills through occupation-based program development and effective service delivery for the population and/or system of interest.
  • The student will demonstrate leadership through the scholarly use of inductive and deductive reasoning to analyze and critique occupation-based clinical questions with valid methods and to articulate the study findings to clients, colleagues and third-party payers.
  • The student will demonstrate leadership through advocacy for the delivery of occupational therapy services for clients and populations experiencing health disparities
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