Social Media RSS Feed en Intermediate Developer <p><strong>Job description</strong></p> <p><i>Candidates will receive an email confirmation when submitting their application online. However, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. Please allow one (1) working day from the time you send in your application to receive an email confirmation.</i></p> <p>INSTRUCTIONAL AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (IITS)INTERMEDIATE DEVELOPER (P4806A) <strong>Deadline:</strong> May 6, 2019 Scope</p> <p>Reporting to the Manager Application Development, Faculty Systems, the incumbent is a resource person for customers in the student and academic units and provides technical expertise and recommendations in assessing new IT software projects and initiatives to support and enhance existing systems.</p> <p>Primary responsibilities</p> <ul> <li>Undertake modifications to the system to respond to clients ’changing needs.</li> <li>Provide support to end-users from different services and faculties regarding faculty applications and other student systems.</li> <li>Develop new application software to address new requirements that are mandated by the University.</li> <li>Coordinate testing and approval of system changes for each project with systems analyst and other required team members.</li> <li>Serve as a liaison and facilitator between units to assist in addressing and resolving IT software issues.</li> <li>Maintain systems by monitoring and correcting software related issues.</li> <li>Work closely with other staff; consult clients concerning the maintenance and performance of software systems.</li> <li>Participate actively in meetings with representatives from different services and faculties; organize and chair related meetings.</li> <li>Troubleshoot technical issues and identify modifications needed in existing applications to meet changing user requirements.</li> </ul> <p>Requirements</p> <ul> <li>Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Bachelor of Commerce in Decision Science and Management Information Systems and two to four years of experience in application systems design and development, programming and analysis.</li> <li>Experience working with end-users, and developing and implementing solutions to meet their needs.</li> <li>Expertise with Java, C# and web development languages such as ASP, JSP, HTML and XML.</li> <li>Expertise in database access methodology and database structures, Oracle and SQL.</li> <li>Knowledge and experience with Oracle and MS SQL. Experience with Postgres and MySQL an asset</li> <li>Good knowledge (level 4) of written and spoken English to provide and understand complex explanations, hypothetical questions or abstract ideas.</li> <li>Very good communication and interpersonal skills.</li> <li>Highly organized multitasker who works well under pressure and short deadlines.</li> <li>Ability to work independently and as part of a team.</li> </ul> <p>Salary</p> <p>CUPEU</p> <p>Interested applicants must submit a curriculum vitae with a covering letter by <strong>May 6, 2019</strong>. Please click on the How to Apply button below for further instructions.</p> <p><strong>IMPORTANT: The language and computer skills of short-listed candidates will be tested.</strong></p> <p>Concordia University is committed to Employment Equity and encourages applications from women, Aboriginal Peoples, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, and persons with disabilities.</p> <p>Montreal, Quebec, CanadaMontreal, Quebec, Canada</p> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 15:29 1382781 1382781 V Summer School – Program Evaluation: In Theory and In Practice Using Stata <p>Providing effective evaluation of economic, social and medical programs has become an increasingly important requirement for both public and private institutions. This residential summer <a href="">school</a> seeks therefore, to provide participants with the requisite tools, both theoretical and applied, for the correct implementation of modern micro-econometric methods for implementing program evaluation using Stata. As such, the <a href="">program</a> has been developed to encompass both: standard statistical methods of program evaluation: regression-adjustment, matching, selection-models and difference-in-differences methodologies; and the more advanced econometric techniques: for example, instrumental variables, endogenous regression-adjustment and regression discontinuity design. </p> <p><strong>PROGRAM STRUCTURE</strong></p> <p><strong>Modula A </strong>The school opens with an introductory one day course to the statistical package Stata, during which participants will be provided with the necessary tools to enable them to use Stata independently and actively participate in the applied empirical Lab sessions during the course of the week.</p> <p><strong>Module B</strong> (Introductory Econometrics) running from day two to four, offers participants the opportunity to acquire, or simply refresh, the econometric techniques required to follow and actively participate in the empirical sessions during the course of the week. Both Modules A and B are OPTIONAL, attendance will depend solely on the individual participant’s background.</p> <p><strong>Module C</strong> focuses on both the econometrics underlying program evaluation technqiues, together with the standard (instrumental variable, selection models, differences-in-differences and synthetic control methods) and more advanced methodologies (local average treatment effects, regression discontinuity design, multi-valued/quantile treatment effect and dose response models,) implemented in Program Evaluation studies. </p> <p><strong>Course Leaders</strong></p> <p>Una-Louise Bell - TStat Training</p> <p>Giovanni Bruni - Università Bocconi</p> <p>Giovanni Cerulli - CNR - National Economic Research Council</p> <p>Roberto Gabriele - Università degli Studi di Trento</p> <p><strong>TARGETTED AUDIENCE</strong></p> <p>This summer school is of particular interest to researchers and professionals working in public and private institutions needing to undertake econometric program evaluation analysis using micro data. Although these methodologies are commonly used to evaluate policy interventions in, for example, the labour market, investment activities of enterprises, education policy, regional development, etc., they can in fact be used across a variety of studies, such as public health sector evaluation, which aim to estimate the ex-post impact of a given intervention or project on specific targets.</p> <p>At the end of the school participants are expected to be able to master complex evaluation design by: identifying the type of data required in their specific policy framework; evaluating which specific econometric method is more appropriate for the analysis in hand; and finally extracting policy recommendations from the obtained results. Participants should leave the course being in a position to autonomously implement, with the aid of the Stata routines utilized during the sessions, the theories and methodologies discussed during the course of the school.</p> <p>In common with TStat’s course philosophy, each individual session is composed of both a theoretical component (in which the techniques and underlying principles behind them are explained), and an applied (hands-on) segment, during which participants have the opportunity to implement the techniques using real data under the watchful eye of the course tutor. Throughout the school, theoretical sessions are reinforced by case study examples, in which the course tutor discusses and highlights potential pitfalls and the advantages of individual techniques.</p> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 15:13 45283 45283 Senior Research Investigator II <p><u><b>Summary</b></u></p> <p>The Senior Research Investigator II will join the Immune Resistance Biology Research Team at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Redwood City, CA to support preclinical drug development against therapeutic targets at the intersection of tumor genetics and tumor immune biology.   This team is composed of cancer biologists, cancer geneticists, immunologists and immuno oncologists who work to develop therapies to address mechanisms of resistance to immune oncology agents. </p> <p><u><b>Responsibilities</b></u></p> <p>The qualified candidate is a highly motivated, interactive, and creative individual who possesses substantial experience in studying tumor biology and genetics, and experience or strong interest as to how these features impact immune responses to the tumor.  The candidate is expected to contribute to the team’s project portfolio by developing new project hypotheses (gleaned from literature reports, evaluation of public and proprietary tumor profiling datasets, preclinical mechanistic models and screens, etc.), validate the hypothesis in preclinical models, and develop assays to support early preclinical drug development. Experience in small molecule drug discovery is highly desirable. Since BMS is a matrixed organization, the candidate will be expected to effectively collaborate with colleagues in supportive line functions (including oncology, immuno-oncology and immunology, medicinal chemistry, lead optimization and translational medicine) to advance preclinical development of therapeutic candidates to early clinical development.  The opportunity to gain experience in biologics preclinical drug development will be available.  The successful candidate will demonstrate clear and professional verbal and written communication, capable of presenting scientific results to multidisciplinary teams, senior management and at external scientific meetings. The candidate will develop external partnerships/collaborations to advance internal programs and the understanding of the interplay between tumor genetics/biology and anti-tumor immune responses as well as publish to advance our science and support our scientific reputation. S/he will also manage an in vitro biology lab to support their project responsibilities as well as to contribute to team held objectives, including new project and target ideas. As part of a highly matrixed working team, the individual should demonstrate the ability to contribute to various projects outside of his/her own, as appropriate, and collaborate with stakeholders from all relevant and necessary functions within BMS. S/he will keep up-to-date in the literature related to his/her field, act as an expert resource in his/her scientific field and in related disciplines.</p> <p><u><b>Qualifications</b></u></p> <ul> <li>A Ph.D. degree with a minimum of 6 to 8 years of industry/academic relevant experience (depending on level) in cancer biology and genetics or a closely related field is required.</li> <li>Industry experience is highly desired with demonstrated abilities to drive preclinical development from target ID to clinical candidate selection, especially experience in small molecules.</li> <li>A proven track record in the field of cancer biology and genetics, as evidenced by publication and patent application record is required.   </li> <li>Experience or the ability to innovate in novel preclinical in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo oncology model development that enables bridging from tumor biology to host immunity is highly desired. </li> <li>Key technical skills include proficiency in molecular biology techniques and genomics, cellular pharmacodynamics assay design, design and interpretation of pharmacology experiments (PK, PD and efficacy). </li> <li>Demonstrated expertise to independently apply bioinformatics and data mining through multi-variate analysis; ability to effectively interact with core bioinformatics colleagues, as well as to use desktop tools/interfaces (e.g., Oncoland, Wuxi) and public databases (CBIO, Achilles, etc.) is required.</li> <li>Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact and influence effectively with people, internally and externally, is required. ​</li> <li>Management/supervisory experience is ideal. </li> <li>The ability to manage a small laboratory group is expected, including providing from growth and development opportunities for associates reports.   </li> <li>Excellent oral and written communication skills are required, as is the ability to effectively present scientific data and concepts to international standards.</li> <li>This position is located in Redwood City, CA. There will be less than 10-20% travel.</li> </ul> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 13:31 1382659 1382659 Autism Consultant <p><strong>Full Time Autism Consultant</strong></p> <p>POPARD is a British Columbia Ministry of Education Program, housed within Delta School District, with office spaces located Ladner and Richmond, BC. We provide consultation and training to educate staff in all public and independent schools across the province, supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.</p> <p>Typical assignments include approximately 10 weeks of travel around beautiful British Columbia, along with local districts and ample time to work on office projects.</p> <p>Some benefits of working at POPARD include rich professional development and mentoring, autonomy, innovation, leadership, and research opportunities.</p> <p><strong>Qualifications:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Certification as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, School Psychologist or Speech/Language Pathologist</li> <li>Master’s degree in special education, Speech/Language Pathology, School Psychology, or Behavior Analysis</li> <li>Advanced coursework and demonstrated knowledge of students with autism spectrum disorder and educational/school-based supports</li> <li>Excellent collaboration, interpersonal, and communication skills</li> <li>Experience as a consultant in the K-12 school system</li> <li>Experience with course and workshop development or adult education</li> </ul> <p>Salary is based on the Delta School District Collective agreement and is determined based on the employee’s highest recognized degree and years of relevant experience. As of May 1, 2019, the range for this position is from the lowest salary of $51, 968.91 (B.Ed. with no experience), $67, 189.48 (M.A. with no experience) to the highest salary of $98, 482.01 (M.A., certified psychologist, 10 years’ experience). Note this salary range includes either a consultant stipend ($4051.79) beyond the regular teacher scale or a psychologist stipend ($7264.25) for those who are certified or registered psychologists.</p> <p>Full medical and extended health benefits provided immediately.</p> <p>This position commences immediately. The school year of employment for 2019-2020 commences on September 3rd, and runs over the 10-month school year, including 2 weeks paid winter, 2 weeks paid spring, and 8 weeks paid summer vacation. All qualified candidates will be offered a continuing protected position.</p> <p>This position is ongoing until filled by competition and interview. Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.</p> <p>Questions regarding this posting and applications may be directed to Dr. Georgina Robinson:</p> <p>More information about POPARD can be found at</p> <p>For more career opportunities with SD37, please visit</p> <p> </p> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 13:30 1382612 1382612 Associate Lab Ambassador <p><u><b>Duties and Responsibilities:</b></u></p> <ul> <li>Check-in and check-out service providers on-site</li> <li>Expedite service from OEM and third-party service provides and execute escalation procedures as necessary</li> <li>Ensure required PM and validation calls are assigned as per SOW</li> <li>Review, verify, and confirm SAP and Maximo are in sync</li> <li>Coordination of instrument on-boarding and disposition to ensure full instrument lifecycle is managed</li> <li>Act as back-up call center resource for LAMP program</li> <li>Enter data into Maximo and/or SAP system, including work order and purchase order creation as well as accurate asset information</li> <li>Close completed service orders and monitor open service order to minimize delays in service</li> <li>Interact and communicate with client personnel via face-to-face, telephone, and email</li> <li>File and retrieve quality documents within auditable system</li> <li>Accountable for SAP and Maximo data integrity through Move-Add-Change Process (MAC) and continuous inventory checks</li> <li>Provide first level of response for service order requests in the lab to help ensure technical staff arrives prepared</li> </ul> <p><u><b>Qualifications:</b></u></p> <ul> <li>College degree or equivalent education and work experience</li> <li>One or more years administrative and customer service experience, preferably in a pharmaceutical R&D chemistry lab operations</li> <li>Demonstrated ability to provide customer service via face-to-face, email and phone</li> <li>Proficiency in use of SAP/Maximo systems and MS Office Suite, with advanced Excel skills</li> <li>Ability to work both independently and in a team environment</li> <li>Effective written and verbal communication skills</li> <li>Ability to prioritize multiple requests with different levels of urgency</li> <li>Strong organizational skills with attention to detail and accurate data entry</li> </ul> <p><b>Physical Demands </b></p> <ul> <li>Sit or stand 2-3 hours in laboratory areas.</li> <li>Walk 2-3 hours within a facility.</li> <li>Reach above/below the shoulder, bend at the knees and waist.</li> <li>Lift up to 25 lbs.</li> <li>Office work activities, including keyboard, with fingers/hands/arms up to 4 hours.</li> <li>Work around moving laboratory equipment and machinery.</li> <li>Use of personal protective equipment in laboratory.</li> <li>Work with biohazards such as blood borne pathogens.</li> </ul> <p><b>Working Environment</b></p> <ul> <li>Job pace may be fast and job completion demands may be high.</li> <li>Overtime may be required at times.</li> <li>Employee maybe required to manage hazardous wastes in compliance with company procedures & State/Federal/Local hazardous waste regulations. Duties may include: Identifying, handling, generating, accumulating, storing, labeling.</li> <li>Ensure safety, security, and the environment in all aspect of the daily activities, and any potential safety hazards are addressed and corrected immediately.</li> <li>Understand ergonomic relationship between people, equipment and working environment.</li> </ul> <p>PerkinElmer is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability status, age, or veteran status or any other characteristics protected by applicable law. PerkinElmer is committed to a culturally diverse workforce.</p> <p>Explore Thousand Oaks, CaliforniaFind out what it’s like to live and work in Thousand Oaks, California.</p> <h3>Employee Stories</h3> <ul> <li>Innovating a Healthier World <p>Our dedicated team of about 11,000 employees worldwide are passionate about providing customers with an unmatched experience as they help solve critical issues especially impacting the diagnostics, discovery and analytical solutions markets. Learn More</p> </li> <li>Corporate Social Responsibility <p>PerkinElmer is an active corporate citizen, committed to creating better outcomes in our communities and innovating for a healthier world. Learn More</p> </li> <li>Celebrating 80 Years of Making Life Better <p>We invite you to explore this special section where we reflect on our rich heritage of scientific innovation and how we have made life better over the last eight decades, including commemorating the innovative and passionate minds that have made our significant impact possible. Learn More</p> </li> <li>SVP and Chief HR Officer, Deborah Butters <p>Deborah Butters discusses our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Learn More</p> </li> <li>Stem Cell Study Offers Hope for Autism <p>One family shares the story of their autistic daughter whose symptoms nearly vanished after participating in a trial at Duke University. Source: CNN. Learn More</p> </li> <li>Powering Change: Women in Innovation & Creativity <p>At PerkinElmer, we are honored to recognize the remarkable talent of our female employees around the world and the tremendous impact that they have on our organization, today and every day. Watch this women in innovation video to learn more about PerkinElmer’s commitment to empowering women. Learn More</p> </li> </ul> <p>Please be aware, PerkinElmer does not make job offers without conducting in-person interviews. We do not charge job application fees, any request for fees is not a legitimate PerkinElmer job offer. Please be aware that remote job scams have been reported against many companies, for more information please visit:</p> <h2> </h2> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 13:29 1382424 1382424 R&D Engineer <p>Overview</p> <p>Endologix develops and manufactures the latest innovations in endovascular aneurysm repair and sealing. We are a fast-moving, high energy organization. Employees are offered development opportunities and new responsibilities that might have taken them significantly more time in other organizations. Our commitment is to promise the development and refinement of skills while providing competitive compensation and benefits.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Primarily responsible for providing technical expertise to support ongoing engineering activities that enhance or sustain commercially available stent grafts and catheter-based delivery systems to assure achievement of Endologix goals and objectives.  Secondarily responsible for supporting the design and development of new stent grafts and delivery systems from pre-clinical development through product commercialization.</p> <h2>Responsibilities</h2> <p><strong>Major Duties:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Ownership in the development and execution of rigorous testing approaches on projects by drafting thorough test plans (i.e. experimental design, statistical analyses) and reports (i.e. data analysis, interpretation) that meet engineering objectives.</li> <li>Conceptualize, develop and validate test methods in support of design and development efforts as well as regulatory submissions.</li> <li>Collaborate with NPD teams to support component qualification and the development of PDP documents (i.e. Design Specifications, FMEA’s, Trace Matrix, etc.)</li> <li>Document all work according to GMPs and SOPs in compliance with the company's quality system.</li> <li>Provide technical direction and interact professionally and effectively with senior management, peers, team members, supervisors, outside customers, and other teams/departments on an ongoing basis to ensure product development success.</li> <li>Work with engineers at all levels to evaluate designs for new products, product revisions, components, assemblies or tools.</li> <li>Indirectly mentor/supervise technicians or junior professionals.</li> <li>Collaborate with R&D, Manufacturing, Regulatory and Quality departments to coordinate focused efforts on investigations that resolve issues associated with products or other technical matters.</li> <li>Assess failure modes and conduct technical risk analyses.</li> <li>Identify hazards and mitigate risks associated with identified hazards in Design and Process FMEA.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Additional Job Requirements:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Excellent written and verbal communication skills.</li> <li>Focused experience sustaining currently marketed products with emphasis on failure mode root cause analysis and novel problem solving.</li> <li>Solid academic foundation in the engineering and biological disciplines (i.e. cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, chemistry, physics, solid and fluid mechanics).</li> <li>Aptitude in conducting novel basic science research to inform product evaluation and design.</li> <li>Strong understanding of quality and regulatory systems in a Class III regulated environment.</li> <li>Ability to use technical expertise to improve operational efficiencies and meet compliance requirements.</li> <li>Ability to manage processes and ensure that activity goals are achieved.</li> <li>Responsible for maintaining compliance, consistency of practices and work quality.</li> <li>Responsible for operating within a budget.</li> <li>Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.</li> </ul> <h2>Qualifications</h2> <p><strong>Experience:</strong></p> <ul> <li>At least two years with a Bachelor’s degree in medical device manufacturing, development, testing, or designing, GMP, FDA, and ISO requirements and with experience writing protocols, test plans, test reports, design control regulation and experience with catheter and stents preferred. </li> </ul> <p> </p> <p>Endologix, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, color, national origin, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, race, religion, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital status, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.</p> <p>                                            </p> <p>If you are a qualified individual with a disability or a disabled veteran, you have the right to request an accommodation if you are unable or limited in your ability to use or access our career center as a result of your disability. To request an accommodation, contact a Human Resources Representative at Endologix Global Headquarters at 949-595-7200 or Endologix Santa Rosa Facility at 707-543-8800.</p> <h2> </h2> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 13:28 1382500 1382500 District Manager <p><strong>Job Description Summary</strong>Responsible for managing and guiding Sales Representatives (Territory Managers) to profitably grow sales for the division product line. <strong>Job Description</strong></p> <ul> <li>Meet established sales quotas.</li> <li>Supervision of Sales Representatives (Territory Managers) assigned to the division</li> <li>Responsible for assessing, selecting, and staffing Sales Representative (Territory Manager) positions with individuals whose competencies are appropriate to the requirements of the position.</li> <li>Responsible for designing and supporting a learning environment to develop current employees to be effective in their positions and prepare them for advancement.</li> <li>Responsible for routinely working with Sales Representatives (Territory Mangers) in the field to assess their capabilities.</li> <li>Responsible for providing timely feedback on customer requirements and issues affecting the extended care market.</li> <li>Responsible for planning and monitoring progress of each territory and division to successfully achieving and exceeding annual sales goals.</li> <li>Establish and manage the division budget.</li> </ul> <p><b>QUALIFICATIONS: </b>To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.</p> <p><b>EDUCATION and /or EXPERIENCE: </b></p> <p>BS/BA degree with five years experience in the sale of medical products.</p> <p><b>LANGUAGE SKILLS: </b>Ability to clearly communicate in verbal and written form to superiors, direct reports, and customers.</p> <p><b>MATHEMATICAL SKILLS:</b></p> <p>Ability to calculate figures in order to monitor sales on an ongoing basis at the territory and divisional levels.</p> <p><b>REASONING ABILITY: </b>Ability to apply common sense understanding to carryout</p> <p><b>PHYSICAL DEMANDS: </b>The physical demands of this position require the ability to conduct extensive travel to meet with Sales Representatives (Territory Managers) and customers within the division.</p> <p><b>WORK ENVIRONMENT: </b>This position is a field-based position requiring an office set-up in the employee’s residence.  Extensive travel is required.</p> <p><b>ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:</b>Must possess and maintain a valid state-issued driver's license and meet BD's auto safety standards</p> <p><strong>Primary Work Location</strong></p> <h2>Jobs By Category</h2> <p>Becton, Dickinson and Company is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, marital or domestic or civil union status, familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetics, disability, military eligibility or veteran status, or any other protected status.</p> <p>All applicants should complete the on-line application process. BD is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. If you require assistance or an accommodation because of a disability to participate in the application process, please call 855-BD-HELPS (855-234-3577) or email</p> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 13:26 1382838 1382838 Industrial Engineer - RLI Electrical <p><strong>Company: </strong>Alstom</p> <p>Alstom’s approach can be summarized in one word – “fluidity”.  Alstom is a global leader in passenger, freight and mining rail transportation, signalling, and infrastructure, and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.  We are a global leader in the transportation sector, in the digital age.  As a promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom develops and markets systems, equipment and services for the transport sector. We offer a complete range of solutions (from high-speed trains to metros, tramways and e-buses), passenger solutions, customized services (maintenance, modernization), infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility solutions. Alstom is a world leader in integrated transport systems.  Our 34,500 employees worldwide rigorously apply the Alstom Code of Ethics and work closely with our community of stakeholders to deliver solutions and services that bear the brand of Alstom.  Alstom businesses had sales of <strong>€</strong>34.2 billion for the 2017/2018 fiscal year.  Visit to learn more about our business. </p> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p><strong><u>Responsibilities:</u></strong></p> <p> </p> <p>As an industrial engineer, you will work alongside design engineers to ensure the manufacturability of new and refurbished railcars for several large-scale projects.  You will ensure quality, cost and delivery (QCD) commitments are met for respective work packages.  Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:</p> <ul> <li>Interface with production managers during the development phase to validate all steps of the manufacturing process</li> <li>Design for Manufacturing</li> <li>Value stream analysis or process mapping optimization</li> <li>Create manufacturing plans in accordance with the site capacity requirements</li> <li>Create detailed Macro and Micro processes to assure efficient and effective manufacturing processes by interfacing with design documentation and breaking down into efficient subsets for industrial development instructions to the shop floor operators</li> <li>Provide clear description and design of tooling needed for project execution</li> <li>Develop project industrial requirement specifications for input into product detailed design for use by design engineering teams</li> <li>Interface with Supply Chain Development to create logistics plans and efficient methods of material kitting and shop floor presentation</li> <li>Work with ERP system (SAP) to structure manufacturing bills of material, process sheets and routings to support the most efficient manufacturing practices available</li> <li>Implement industrial data sheets for co-engineering development to identify product design improvements early in the design phase in order to facilitate manufactural products with the desired speed to market for manufacturing</li> <li>Perform concurrent engineering design reviews and analysis to assure manufacturability of product</li> <li>Ensure an effective return of experience by participating in the co-engineering efforts, implementing detailed industrial requirement into the design and effective follow up through the project life cycle</li> <li>Lead the First Article Review Inspection (FCCI), assure industrial inputs have been implemented and validated on 1st units manufactured and monitor the action tracker for closure</li> <li>Maintain a level of accuracy of the Manufacturing bill of Materials (MBOM) at 99% by performing regular BOM variance activities during serial production to reduce waste</li> <li>Provide efficient support to Production to improve the processes and the productivity – through implementation of lean manufacturing principles an ALSTOM standard ways of work</li> <li>Comply with all company safety and quality programs’ ensure manufacturing process is compliant with local, state and federal regulatory ordinances</li> </ul> <p> </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p>Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering preferred</p> <p><strong><u>Experience:</u></strong><strong>                                   </strong></p> <p>Experience with electrical fields, motors</p> <p>Familiarity with tooling design and 3D software</p> <p>Good mechanical or electrical aptitude and desire to be hands on in the manufacturing area</p> <p>Knowledge of drafting and CAD tools including AutoCAD, Pro-E, CATIA, Solid Works or other similar software</p> <p>Proficiency with MS Office applications</p> <p>Strong communication skills with English language proficiency</p> <p>Ability to work effectively on cross-functional teams and interface with all internal and external stakeholders</p> <p>Requires up to 10% travel (domestic and international)</p> <p> </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p>Team-working and leadership</p> <p> </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>Alstom offers competitive salaries, an excellent benefits package, and flexible work options, as well as a uniquely diverse and unified team of professionals.  Our culture supports an environment where employees can continuously learn and gain professional growth through education, exciting projects and career mobility.  Alstom recognizes your achievements and excellent performance through various performance incentive, recognition and reward programs.  Our commitment is to you, the employee. Come work in an environment that is driven by integrity, innovation and visionary thinking.  Make switch to a new track and join Alstom today! </p> <p> </p> <p>Alstom abides by the requirements of 41 CFR 60-1.4(a), 60-300.5(a) and 60-741.5(a). These regulations prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals based on their status as protected veterans or individuals with disabilities, and prohibit discrimination against all individuals based on their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin. Moreover, these regulations require that covered prime contractors and subcontractors take affirmative action to employ and advance in employment individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Accommodations for Applicants with Disabilities </strong></p> <p>Alstom provides reasonable accommodations and/or assistance to applicants with disabilities and disabled veterans (including but not limited to other protected veterans and individuals with known physical and mental limitations).  If you need a reasonable accommodation/assistance for any part of the application and/or hiring process, please note this in our online application.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 13:25 1382536 1382536 Technical Client Services Manager <p>SGS Employee Sign up <b>Type of employment:</b> Regular <b>Reporting to:</b> Manager, Client ServicesMake an impact with SGS! With more than 97,000 employees and 2,600 offices and laboratories across the world, SGS is a silent force working hard behind the scenes to deliver quality and integrity to businesses across nine industries. As the world’s leader in providing inspection, verification, testing and certification services, Forbes ranked the SGS Group as one of the world’s top multinationals and one of the world’s most innovative companies. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index has also recognized the SGS Group for its sustainability processes. In Canada, SGS employs over 2,000 team members across 70 locations.  <b>Specific Responsibilities: </b></p> <ul> <li>Respond to inquiries (phone, Web, e-mail inquiries) on complex jobs; provide information to clients and record details into CRM. </li> <li>Ensure that the contract review process is followed and implemented</li> <li>Work with operations and sales to scope and prepare client proposals for complex jobs and forward these proposals to appropriate sales staff.</li> <li>Upon receipt of <b><u>signed quote or contrac</u></b><u>t </u>ensure that the contract review procedure is followed through sample receipt and operations</li> <li>Identify if any protocols need to be developed and ensure that the correct protocols are developed and approved.</li> <li>Understand the needs of the client and communicate this information to operational staff</li> <li>Handle all daily client interactions regarding project requirements and activities.</li> </ul> <p><b>Ideal candidate:</b></p> <ul> <li>Degree in Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Biology, Chemistry or related science</li> <li>5 – 10 years experience working as a senior scientist in a lab environment or PhD 3-5 years experience working in the Pharmaceutical Industry.</li> <li>3 – 5 years experience in a customer/client contact position in a pharmaceutical environment  (bio - pharma experience an asset) in the area of pharmaceutical analysis and project management</li> <li>Thorough knowledge Regulatory Affairs and Pharmaceutical development with emphasis on CMC.</li> <li>Candidates must be proficient in using various types of computer software (Word, Excel. PowerPoint & Outlook).</li> <li>Extended hours and shift work may be required from time to time.</li> <li>Travel to other SGS locations or client location may be required from time to time.</li> <li>Ensures full compliance with the company’s Health & Safety, Code of Integrity, and Professional Conduct policies.</li> </ul> <p><b>Additional Information</b></p> <p>SGS Canada is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to achieving greater accessibility by providing accommodation for people with disabilities during our hiring process.  Accommodations are available on request for qualified candidates during each stage of the recruitment process.</p> <p>Please note that candidates applying for Canadian job openings should be authorized to work in Canada.</p> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 13:24 1382778 1382778 Sr. Logistics Analyst <p><strong>Description</strong></p> <p>“JacobsNational Security Solutions (NSS) provides world-class IT network and servicemanagement capabilities; cutting edge cyber threat awareness and cybersecuritysolutions; innovative web- and software applications development; and advanceddata analytics for major clients in the Intelligence Community, Department ofDefense, and Federal Civilian Agencies.</p> <p>Ourforward thinking solutions deliver an integrated approach to IT network designand management, full lifecycle IT service management, IT service delivery,asset management, logistics and procurement, and vendor management. We leverage the expertise and passion of ouremployees to conduct identity and access management, penetration testing, andvulnerability assessments for our nation’s most closely guarded agencies andnetworks. Our Cyber Security Operations Centers ensure safe, effective networkoperations for Federal clients while our data scientists are helping stopillegal acts before they can endanger Americans or our way of life.</p> <p>Jacobspromotes a culture of operational excellence to create a safer, smarter, andmore connected world while upholding the highest standards of compliance,quality and integrity.</p> <p>We continue to thrive and need your talent andmotivation to help propel us farther, faster.</p> <p>Jacobs is currently seeking a <strong>Senior Logistics Analyst</strong> to support a customer facility in the Winchester, Virginia area. This position requires a TS/SCI clearance and ability to obtain and maintain special accesses. Responsibilities may include:</p> <ul> <li> <p>Prepares and coordinates receipts, disposition and distribution/redistribution of supplies and equipment</p> </li> <li> <p>Receives, stores, issues and disposes of communications equipment based on established procedures and authorization documents</p> </li> <li> <p>Manages communications equipment and placement of new material in an occasionally limited space while continuously maintaining organizational efficiency, program effectiveness and productivity</p> </li> <li> <p>Maintains accountability of equipment using Defense Property Accounting System (DPAS).</p> </li> </ul> <p>#cjpost</p> <ul> <li> <p>Active TS SCI is required with the ability to obtain and maintain special accesses</p> </li> <li> <p>Requires two (2) years of college with courses in business administration, industrial management, or appropriate discipline, and five (5) years progressive experience, or any equivalent combination of relevant education and experience</p> </li> <li> <p>Advanced oral and written communication skills are required along with comprehensive knowledge of company policies and procedures, and work flow processes</p> </li> <li> <p>Experience with a variety of well-established warehouse and material handling methods and techniques</p> </li> <li> <p>Experience with Microsoft office</p> </li> </ul> <ul> <li> <p>CompTIA IT A Certification</p> </li> <li> <p>Forklifts, pallet jacks and powered industrial trucks (PITs or forklifts) certifications are a plus</p> </li> <li> <p>Ability to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with a hazardous materials (HAZMAT) endorsement is a plus</p> </li> <li> <p>Ability to obtain certifications in hazardous material, to include, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste is a plus</p> </li> </ul> <p>Essential Job Functions:</p> <p>Physical Requirements:</p> <p>Generally an office environment, but can involve inside or outside work depending on task. An inside environment may be in a cubicle (considerations: close quarters, low to moderate noise, bright or dim lighting). Outside work may include various environmental conditions including warm and cold climates. Needs to be able to work well with co-workers and all levels of management. Work may involve sitting or standing for extended periods of time. Position requires filing, typing, and reading from a computer screen. Must have sufficient mobility, included but not limited to: bending. Work will be done in an office and field environment. The ability to lift and move 60 lbs required.</p> <p>Work Environment:</p> <p>Office and field environment. The work environment is fast-paced and sometimes involves extreme deadline pressures. The nature of the work requires a high degree of teamwork and cooperation with other members across the customer’s organization. Work may involve sitting or standing for extended periods of time. Position may require filing, typing, and reading from a computer screen. Must have sufficient mobility, included but not limited to: bending, reaching, turning and kneeling to complete daily duties in a timely and efficient manner. Must be able to lift and carry up to 60 pounds.</p> <p>Equipment & Machines:</p> <p>Ability to operate office equipment such as a personal computer, printer, copy machine, telephone, fax machine and other equipment including desk supplies and other work related tools as required. Forklifts, pallet jacks and trucks to move equipment and pallets within warehouse spaces. Possesses or ability to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).</p> <p>Attendance:</p> <p>Work hours are normally 8 hours per day and 5 days per week, Monday-Friday. Regular attendance of scheduled hours is extremely important. Punctuality and regular attendance are necessary to meet deadlines. Must exhibit flexibility of work hours to adjust to surge situations based on critical mission requirements Telephone, and other miscellaneous office equipment.</p> <p>Other Essential Functions:</p> <p>Must be Must demonstrate professional behavior at all times when dealing with customers, management and co-workers. Must have clear, concise and accurate communications skills in English, both verbal and written. Grooming and dress must be appropriate for the position and must not impose a safety risk to employees or others. Must maintain a positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a professional manner. Independent personal transportation to office or work site is required. Travel to and from customer’s locations may be required to support projects could possibly extend to overnight travel 3-4 times a year.</p> <p>Jacobs is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law. Jacobs is a background screening, drug-free workplace.</p> <p><strong>Primary Location</strong> United States-Virginia-Winchester</p> <p><strong>Req ID:</strong> ATE0002PI</p> Fri, 04/26/2019 - 13:21 1382877 1382877